Well construction: Drilling heads for well drilling machines


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Well construction: Drilling heads for well drilling machines

"Deep down under the Elbe" - this sentence was the acronym "Trude" for the tunnel boring machine for the construction of the new Elbe tunnel tube. With a diameter of 14.20 meters, Trude was the largest shield boring machine in the world at the time. Our drill heads for well construction are not quite that gigantic. Nevertheless, you can count on Mika drilling technology and drill deep wells with our machines. Thanks to the many years of experience of two well-established companies and craftsmen, we can offer you reliable expertise.

Custom-made cutting tools and drill heads in well construction

The circumstances under which groundwater wells have to be drilled vary. The nature of the well drilling machine must be just as individual. Anyone who wants to drill deep wells must ask many questions beforehand: How deep and how wide must the well shaft be? Which rock must the well drilling head handle? Would I like to drill a drinking water well or should geothermal energy be used? How does the overburden get to the top and how do I dispose of it? The decisive factor here is always the stability and execution of the well drilling head. As a manufacturer of well drills, we have specialised in the design and manufacture of individual solutions for well drilling equipment. Development and assembly are in our hands. High-quality drill heads prevent the cutting tool from biting granite without a chance. Especially for drilled wells we use the patented, negative drill brine technology. With this technology, the drilling material is optimally picked up by the integrated suction pipe. The well drilling head is mounted in such a way that it always runs smoothly and centrally. High advance speeds can thus be achieved. This allows you to drill a well shaft for geothermal energy up to a depth of 5000 metres. Precise deep wells can be drilled due to the high directional accuracy of the well drills. The cutting tools and well drills are characterized by a high wear resistance. In this way, we keep the costs for well construction within a framework that can always be financed in the long term.

Well construction with Mika drilling technology always a round thing

Convince yourself on site of the variety of our earth drills, cutting tools and drill heads. Our specialisation in rock cutting technology makes us the experts you need for well drills. Advice on the choice of cutting tools and drill heads and individual production help you to buy the best auger for your project.

We don't just focus on the production of TBMs and other earth drilling equipment.

Our range for well drilling is supplemented by accessories and spare parts. The service of our company also takes care of the repair of civil engineering drilling machine, cutting tools and earth drills. Should the well drilling head fail, we will manufacture a replacement as quickly as possible. We know that drilling deep wells involves a great deal of effort and expense for everyone involved. Therefore we look for the perfect solution for your well construction. In addition to the individual production of well drills and well drilling heads, alternative tools such as HSS drills and compact step bits are available for shallow depths. For larger projects we are your contact for all types of earth drills up to a diameter of 3000 millimetres. From civil engineering boring machines to large-format tunnel boring machines, we manufacture earth drills not only for well construction, but also support almost all other projects in special civil engineering. Our high standards are decisive for our work and services in the field of deep well drilling.