Special Foundation engineering TBM drill heads with cutting rollers


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Special Foundation engineering TBM drill heads with cutting rollers

In the field of special civil engineering, the right cutting tool must always be available for the tunnel boring machine. Which drill head and which cutting rollers must be used determines the condition of the subsoil in the area of special civil engineering. The drill head is equipped with a cutting roller or other mining or cutting tool. How the cutting tool is positioned on the drilling head of the tunnel boring machine determines the condition of the subsoil during tunneling. If the cutting tool is perfectly adapted to the geology, the TBM drill head can achieve high advance values. The reliability of the tunnel boring machine and the cutting roller must be proven at different points in special civil engineering.

Tailor-made cutting tool for special foundation engineering

In civil engineering, it must be prevented at soft points that the cutting tool attached to the drill head sticks together. When digging wells in hard rock (gneiss, granite, etc.), the cutting roller and drill head must pass a maximum hardness test. A decisive criterion in production is the material composition of the cutting roller. The steel alloy used for production must not be too brittle. Otherwise, the occasional stone chips that occur in special civil engineering would damage the cutting roller at the drill head. For this reason, a drill head and a cutting roller with a small diameter for use in special civil engineering are also produced from high-alloy steel.

Selecting the size of the drill head and cutting roller for special civil engineering applications

In special civil engineering, not only the geology, but also the confined space conditions must be taken into account when selecting the size of the drill head and cutting roller. Other important factors when selecting a cutting roller for special foundation engineering are the maximum load capacity of the cutting roller. For civil engineering in loose soil, a range of further TBM mining tools for the tunnel boring machine complements the range offered by the manufacturer Mika GmbH. In order to optimize time and costs in civil engineering, service lives are of great importance. Service life due to repairs can be minimized by soldering carbide onto the cutting roller. Other cutting tools for special foundation engineering are also coated with a hard metal coating.

Drill head design for horizontal drilling technology

The track spacing and track assignment of the cutting tool are essential aspects for safety and time saving right from the planning stage of the drill head for tunnel construction. During production, care is therefore taken to ensure that wear-intensive positions are easy to reach. Innovative backloading systems make it possible to replace wearing parts on the back of the tunnel boring machine's boring head. In order to optimize the maintenance intervals, manufacturer Mika equips the boring head of the tunnel boring machine with systems specifically developed for civil engineering or well boring. Special civil engineering boring heads and cutting rollers for tunnel boring machines / tunnel boring machines from Mika Bohrtechnik in Germany: expert advice, customer-specific development, high-quality manufacture, assembly and top service with spare parts, accessories and maintenance of the machine.

Powerful long-life tunnel boring machine for civil engineering

The most important component of a tunnel boring machine is the boring head. It can have a diameter of up to 20 meters. A tunnel boring machine is a full-cut machine. The tunnel boring machine differs from the partial cut boring machines also used in civil engineering in that it removes the entire average of a micro tunnel during one work step. This type of machine is usually supported by conveyor belts during microtunnelling. These remove the material produced by the Boring Machine during dismantling or transport the concrete parts required for the microtunnel or the tube on site.

Construction of a Boring Machine for Civil Engineering

A tunnel boring machine consists of the following components:

- Transport equipment

- Supply unit (compressed air, electricity)

- Device for removing material

- Mounting device for dismounting and supporting measures

- Dismantling shield (tensioning and feed device, roller chisel)

Questions about production, available accessories and spare parts can be answered in detail by Mika Bohrtechnik's experts for civil engineering on the phone or by e-mail. Contact details and further information can be found on the website mika-bt.com/index.php/en/.