Scraping discs for excavating and mining


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Scraping discs for excavating and mining

HDD stands for "Horizontal Directional Drilling". This technology makes it possible to lay pipelines underground without digging a trench. Further areas of application for HDD are. Further areas of application for these diggers are civil engineering and tunnel construction. Hundreds of meters of drilling can be done with a single drill bit. In civil engineering and tunnelling, diggers with a diameter of 70 centimetres are usually sufficient. Like other digging tools, diggers penetrate hard rock.

Scraping disc and other scraping tools in good quality buy online at a good price

Mika Bohrtechnik: Your manufacturer for scraper tools and scraper discs from Germany has specialised in the development, design, production, manufacture, assembly, accessories and repair of heads and scriping tools for tunnel boring machines and other mining tools for the tunnelling and civil engineering industries.

High-quality, long-lasting scraper tools from our own specialist production

The most important quality criterion for scraper tools is high resistance to wear and durability. These criteria have a significant effect on the economic efficiency and driving performance of civil engineering and tunnel construction. A high material quality of the scraper disc, scraper drill, etc. guarantees minimum downtimes and maximum productivity in the mining of rocks and other soil. In order to keep your project within budget, even with enormous rock strengths, water pressures and abrasiveness, a drill bit must achieve the performance specified by the manufacturer. The choice of cutting tools suitable for your Drilling Boring project depends on the nature of the ground.

Scraping wheel - material composition and manufacture

The development and production of scraped discs are the core business of Mika Bohrtechnik. Depending on the project for which you need a drill disc, you will be offered an individual drill disc by the specialists. The material composition of the steel mixture and a precise production process are the most important factors in the manufacture of a prospecting disc. Mining tools are therefore made of high-alloy steel. Material toughness and enormous hardness to avoid wear are important aspects for a long service life of a scraper disc. Of course, this also applies to spare parts. An extensive portfolio with hundreds of different scraping wheels is available for you to choose from. For the production, partly mechanically machined, hardened and forged components are used. They are always in stock, so that you are guaranteed a fast delivery time of your scraping wheel, HDD Drilling Boring dismantling tools and spare parts. Mika Bohrtechnik can also offer you the refurbishment of your drill disc, so you can save money.

HDD Drilling Boring drill heads for every application area

HDD Drilling Boring is an innovative and economical method for laying lines and pipes in civil engineering and tunnel construction. It is suitable for underpassing railway lines, motorways and roads as well as for buildings, biotopes, nature reserves and rivers. Mika Bohrtechnik is one of the most experienced and leading manufacturers in this field. The design of the suitable drill head for your project determines the geology. On request, Mika Bohrtechnik's specialists will design specific systems for your drilling head to optimize the maintenance intervals for your project. These systems, equipped with real-time sensors, visualize the contact pressure of individual scrapers and detect blocked and/or damaged cutting rollers. The innovative systems enable you to detect overloads promptly and to reduce downtimes to a minimum due to the inspection of your scraping tools. In addition, Mika Bohrtechnik offers you further innovative control elements which document all tool changes and repairs and thus simplify the disposition of your scraping tools. Detailed further information can be found on the website The experts will be happy to answer your questions by phone or e-mail. Request a non-binding quotation for your project from the manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik.