Microtunnelling drilling heads and cutting rollers


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Microtunnelling drilling heads and cutting rollers

Microtunnelling is a specific trenchless pipe jacking method. Today, trenchless pipe-laying is becoming increasingly important. The advantages of microtunnelling are cost savings, minimal traffic disruption and avoidance of groundwater subsidence. Microtunnelling protects the environment and residents. Earth movements can be reduced to an absolute minimum with microtunnelling. Even under groundwater, microtunnelling enables efficient, safe pipe jacking. The product portfolio of the manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH includes all components required for pipe driving. Due to their compact dimensions, microtunnelling systems are ideally suited for laying drill pipes in residential areas.

Pipe jacking - Functionality

In pipe jacking, a distinction is made between product pipes and protective pipes. All drill pipes available from Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH and all directional drilling equipment can be used for pipe jacking. In underground pipe jacking in the impassable sewage and water sector, polymer concrete, glass fibre reinforced plastic, Keramo stoneware and reinforced concrete drill pipes are used for pipe jacking in microtunnelling. With the microtunnel method, shafts can be constructed in different variants and depths. The microtunnel method, for example, enables the underground, remote-controlled laying of sewage pipes.

Mining tools for microtunnelling

When using microtunnel technology, the boring head of the tunnel boring machine must be adapted to the soil conditions. Manufacturer Mika offers special HDD boring heads and other tools for the HDD method for the pipe jacking process via HDD drilling. For the development of a customer-specific drilling head for HDD drilling with the tunnel boring machine, a geological expertise is therefore analyzed. In the development of microtunnel tools, knowledge about the interactions between directional drilling machine, additive and geology is indispensable. Drilling heads and rolling cutters for microtunnelling: Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH is a specialist in the individual manufacture of cutting tools and drilling heads for microtunnelling machines, directional boring (controlled horizontal drilling) with auger conveying and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This manufacturer is one of the leading international suppliers of controlled pipe jacking for companies involved in microtunnelling. Further information on the microtunneling process, the products offered and the contact information of the manufacturer can be found on the website mika-bt.com/index.php/en/bohrkoepfe/horizontalbohrtechnik. Qualitative advice is offered.

Functions of drilling mud in microtunnelling

The tasks of a flush drilling in HDD drilling (HDD Drilling) are manifold. In underground drilling in the civil engineering segment with an underground horizontal boring machine, the mud bore drives the motor of the horizontal boring machine, lubricates and cools the drill stand of the tunnel boring machine during microtunnel excavation work, cleans the borehole, removes the cuttings and seals and stabilizes the borehole wall. Flushing wells must have a high load-bearing capacity to prevent the cuttings from sinking during horizontal drilling (Horizontal Earth Boring).

Different variants of drill heads for microtunnelling with flushing conveyance

For the microtunnel technology by means of horizontal drilling technology (Horizontal Directional Drilling) the company Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH offers different variants of HDD drill heads. Trenchless pipeline construction in flowing soil is possible with a standard HDD drilling. For underground drilling, the manufacturer hdd bohrung offers companies a drilling head specially optimized for mixed soil. For underground boring in rocks, Mika Bohrtechnik GmBH offers its children directional drilling equipment with enormously high degrees of hardness.

The use of microtunnelling techniques with mechanical shield driving is growing continuously.

Development in the field of underground pipe jacking in the past has shown that closed construction offers advantages to pipe jacking companies. With directional boring with screw conveyance, pipe jacking is carried out simultaneously during soil excavation with Mika Directional Drilling Equipment. In the case of split tensile reinforcement, driving takes place during the

Horizontal Directional Drilling with closed shield. The arrangement of a split tensile reinforcement is necessary to favourably influence crack widths and crack behaviour.