Horizontal Drilling Technology: Drilling Heads for HDD


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Horizontal Drilling Technology: Drilling Heads for HDD

Horizontal drilling technology and HDD

The innovative Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) process was developed in the USA specifically for the field of civil engineering drilling technology. The continuous further development of HDD drilling technology has resulted in Horizontal Drilling being used worldwide, for example to lay sewer pipes. HDD drill heads and cutting tools from specialists in Germany: Mika GmbH offers high-quality horizontal drilling technology for the highest demands on Horizontal Earth Boring.

The company offers high-quality drilling heads for HDD drilling technology. Some horizontal drilling rigs can also be used on rocky ground. The smallest horizontal drilling rig is perfectly suited for the realisation of house connections. With the largest horizontal drilling machine you can carry out horizontal drilling to a depth of 2,000 metres. The largest diameter that you can realize with horizontal drilling is 1.8 meters. Horizontal drilling is carried out in three steps.

Realise large projects in the shortest possible time with horizontal drilling technology.

1) With your horizontal drilling rig, you drive your drill rods through the ground, including the controllable drill head. With the support of a mud well, soil is hydraulically and mechanically excavated. The excavated soil is transported back to the starting pit in the free cut/ring space and disposed of or processed here. After your drill head has reached the target point, initiate the second step of horizontal drilling.

2. attach a broaching tool to the drill pipe of your horizontal drilling machine. This tool is pulled back to your horizontal drilling machine according to the rotation principle. Then, an HDD mud hole is pumped through the construction to transport mined material out of the drill channel. Depending on the project, repeat this horizontal drilling step several times.

Then you can lay sewer pipes. Innovative Horizontal Directional Drilling enables you to complete your civil engineering jobs quickly. Horizontal drilling technology is continuously developed further. Today, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD Boring) is used worldwide for laying underground pipelines. Horizontal Directional Drilling also supports you in minimizing the costs of well drilling.

Horizontal drilling methods - areas of application

Pipelines laid using underground horizontal boring in civil engineering are suitable for transporting district heating, waste water, water, refinery products, petrochemical products, natural gas and crude oil. A company specialising in HDD drilling uses horizontal drilling techniques to realise a wide range of applications.

Horizontal drilling Technology - HDD drilling for companies

Horizontal Directional Drilling is environmentally friendly. The advantage of horizontal drilling technology is short construction times. HDD drilling technology is the speciality of Mika GmbH. Besides development and production of

Horizontal Drilling Equipment, Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment and Directional Drilling Equipment the company offers accessories, spare parts and repair of your horizontal drilling machine. Horizontal earth drilling places high demands on the HDD drilling technology used. This manufacturer has a lot of experience in the assembly and production of HDD drilling technology.

The perfect drill head for every HDD drill hole

You need a Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment for twist drilling or a Directional Drilling Equipment?

Which drilling head you need for your underground horizontal boring machine is defined by the geology. The company Mika GmbH supplies you with proven, high-quality underground drilling tools. HDD Drilling sets new standards in horizontal drilling price-performance ratio. Information about HDD drilling, horizontal drilling machine / horizontal drilling rig can be found on the website mika-bt.com/index.php/en/bohrkoepfe/horizontalbohrtechnik.

Advantages of HDD drilling technology

Directional Boring (HDD drilling) with a horizontal drilling rig does not damage the surface. A horizontal drilling machine produces only minor ground movements. Horizontal Earth Boring (HDD drilling) with a horizontal drilling machine does not affect road traffic. With HDD drilling, spiral drilling can be carried out on the hardest rock. Horizontal earth drilling can be carried out up to a maximum length of 300 metres.