FAQ tunnel-drill-heads.eu:

What is Tunnelling?

The Tunnelling method was specially developed for trenchless pipe laying in the civil engineering, well construction and tunnel construction sectors. This technology uses a tunnel boring machine to lay a pipe, for example, using a remote-controlled tunnel boring machine. The tube is driven by the tunnel boring machine from a press pit or starting pit. The TBM is equipped with a drilling head adapted to the geology, a cutting roller and a pressing tool. The tunnel boring machine's remote-controlled boring head presses the tube into the ground. A TBM drilling fluid can also be used to stabilize the drilling channel.

In which areas is horizontal drilling used?

Tunnel construction machines are frequently used in the areas of special foundation engineering, well construction, tunnel construction as well as pipeline and cable construction. Tunnel drills, which are perfectly adapted to the geology, drill through all types of soil and lay all types of pipes trenchless. The microtunnelling process using a deep drilling machine & specific cutting tools is an economical, environmentally friendly and fast alternative to closed tunnel construction. Horizontal drilling technology is also suitable for the construction of a tunnel in rock. The TBM method is of particular importance for laying in groundwater areas.

How deep can be drilled with a tunnel boring machine?

The maximum drilling depth of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) is determined by various factors. Economically achievable with a tunnel boring machine in the field of special civil engineering are drilling depths of up to 2 kilometres.

What accessories / cutting tools are required to operate a tunnel boring machine?

A tunnel boring machine requires as accessories a boring head, cutting roller, step or wing chisel and a boring head for flushing.

What is a roller bit?

A roller bit is a drilling head for a tunnel boring machine with which rock is removed. A Mika drill head can be used together with an adapter for tunnelling machines from other manufacturers.

What is a wing or step chisel?

A step or wing bit is called a TBM drill head, which is used in the areas of special foundation engineering and well construction in soft to medium hard soils.

What is a mud drilling head?

Various cutting tools designed for horizontal directional drilling can be used to carry out drilling mud with the TBM, e.g. flat head bits, roller bits and wing bits. Depending on the geological conditions, the drill head for the tunnel borer is protected with an anti-wear coating. Depending on how intensively the tunnel boring machine is used, the layering of the cutting roller must be regularly renewed by the tunnel boring machine.

Which tunnel boring machine manufacturer offers accessories, wear parts and spare parts for tunnel construction machines?

The German manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of drilling heads and other equipment for tunnel boring machines for the civil engineering and special civil engineering sectors. Tunnel construction companies from Germany can order spare parts, accessories and wearing parts for their deep drilling machine from Mika. Tunnel boring machine manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH also offers microtunnelling companies the development of a customer-specific construction of a microtunnel deep boring machine as well as assembly of the TBM construction, repair and service for the deep boring machine on site.

How is a cutting roller designed for a tunnel boring machine?

Every well boring machine and cutting roller from the production of manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH is characterized by a practical and solid construction for tunnel construction in Germany. The cutting roller for tunnelling machines can also be equipped with numerous accessories. The tunnel drills are also available with different degrees of hardness and diameters.

Why should German Micro Tunnelling companies choose machines and accessories from manufacturer Mika GmbH?

When developing microtunnel tools, knowledge about the interactions between Directional Boring machine, additive and geology is indispensable. Drilling heads and cutting rollers for microtunnelling: Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH is a specialist in the individual manufacture of cutting tools and drilling heads for microtunnelling machines. This German manufacturer is one of the leading international suppliers of innovative horizontal boring technology from its own production for companies in the microtunnelling sector.