Cutting rollers for tunnel boring machines (TBM)


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Cutting rollers for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Microtunnelling is an innovative drilling method. It enables the trenchless, economical and environmentally friendly laying of pipelines regardless of the soil conditions. When using this method, only a small starting and finishing pit is required. The company Mika GmbH is specialized in the development, production and rehabilitation of Cutting Rollers for Tunneltrade.

Mining tools for tunnel construction "Made in Germany

Precision cutting tools for cutting pipes in micro tunnelling are the core business of the manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik. A well boring machine with a cutting roller is installed for pipe advancing in rocky subsoil. Depending on the substrate, a roller cutter for the boring machine can be made of different materials. Roller cutters are available as cutting rollers for rocky ground and for mixed ground. A cutting roller can be partially machined, hardened or forged. Cutting Rollers also differ in stroke, cutting roll type, assembly, performance and dimensions. Dimensions for Cutting Rollers are given in millimeters and in inches. Manufacturer Mika exclusively offers Cutting Rollers made in Germany.

Different variants of Boring Machine Cutting Tools for special foundation engineering

For pipe jacking in rock, a rock cutting roller is mounted on the Boring Machine. Mika Bohrtechnik offers the perfect roller cutter for every geological condition. Information about the geology on site forms the basis for the development of the perfectly suitable customer-specific cutting roller for horizontal drilling technology. To ensure that the cutting roller optimally meets the requirements of the soil and the customer, the specialists for Cutting Rollers analyse geological surveys. In addition to Cutting Rollers, the manufacturer Mika offers peeling knives, roller cutters in all sizes, double insert boring bars, reamers and drill bits for all brand name boring machines for microtunnel technology. When ordering a drill bit, the customer has the choice between a fully hardened drill bit or a drill bit with hard coating.

Cutting accessories for horizontal drilling technology

Cutting is the term used to describe the cuttings that are transported into the drilling channel with the drilling fluid. By forming deposits, cutting reduces the diameter of the borehole, which may increase friction. Therefore, a good removal from the cutting is to be aimed at during the drilling process.

Mika Bohrtechnik: Information about the Roller Cutter manufacturer

Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH offers cutting tools such as roller cutters for tunnel boring machines for optimal driving. We support you in the development, design, production, manufacture, assembly, accessories and repair of your TBM for well construction and other projects. We also offer repair work by turning and milling. A used, refurbished cutting tool offers the same performance and service life as a new Boring Tool for the Bore Drilling Machine, but is much less expensive. A prerequisite for the refurbishment of a Boring Head is that it is in good condition. Every refurbished Best Boring Head is delivered to the customer by manufacturer Mika GmbH with a serial number and a detailed data sheet. This ensures that the customer can trace back the entire history of his cutting roll. Upon request, Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH also offers customers on-site service for projects in the areas of tunnel construction, well construction and mining. With a cutting roller from Mika, ecologically sustainable, durable, fast and economical construction is guaranteed even today. The Cutting Rollers of this renowned manufacturer guarantee that construction projects of any size can be completed on time and in outstanding quality. Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH supplies the perfect cutting roller and accessories for every construction site to be developed. Further information can be found at