Tunnel drill heads for tunnel boring machines (TBM)


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Tunnel drill heads for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Modern tunnelling machines make tunnelling easier, more economical and faster. A Horizontal Boring Machine is a complex construction. Each tunnel boring machine (TBM) consists of approximately 80,000 components. 30 percent of the components for the TBM are already pre-assembled. The demands placed on each individual tunnel boring machine are enormously high. Essential factors that must be taken into account when developing tunnel boring machines are geology, spatial conditions, earth loads and stability. Specific tunnelling machines are designed for tunnelling under the sea. Tunnel boring machine manufacturer Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH develops a customized deep boring machine for each project. Basis for the selection of the type of tunnel boring machine are design wishes, type of drilling, construction site conditions, hydrology and geology.

Boring head - the most important component of a tunnel boring machine

The foremost, most important part of any tunnel boring machine is the boring head. A TBM drilling head for use in loose rock is called a cutting roller. In microtunnelling, the drill head has the function of mining and transporting material in the drill channel. Each drilling head is developed project-specifically for tunnel construction companies after an analysis of geological expertise. When tunnelling in extremely hard rock in Germany, the boring head of the tunnel boring machine is pressed against the rock with phenomenal pressure. A double-shield tunnel drill, for example, is driven through rock by a tunnel boring machine with a driving force of several thousand tons. The high performance of the TBM tunnel boring machine (TBM Machine) guarantees efficient material mining. To ensure that the boring head can withstand these high loads, a TBM boring head is manufactured by tunnel boring machine manufacturer Mika GmbH from high-quality, strong sheet metal in large format.

Characteristic features of high-quality tunnelling machines

A characteristic feature of a deep drilling machine manufactured by Mika GmbH in Germany is the monoblock housing. This specific construction gives a deep drilling machine the necessary stability. The torque for the TBM tunnel boring machine is generated by powerful individual motors. A large TBM tunnel boring machine can be equipped with up to 48 individual motors. In order to protect the sophisticated technology in the field of TBM mechanical engineering, the development, production of the individual parts and assembly of a tunnel boring machine are carried out exclusively in Germany by the manufacturer Mika GmbH, a specialist in TBM mechanical engineering, for tunnel construction companies. In order to ensure fast delivery times for tunnel boring machines, TBM Maschinenbau manufacturer Mika GMBH cooperates with reliable suppliers. Tunnel boring machines Boring heads of Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH from Germany: High-quality boring heads (drilling heads) and tunnel drills for tunnel boring machines for tunnel construction, civil engineering, horizontal civil engineering and microtunnelling. This renowned tunnel boring machine manufacturer Germany offers tunnel construction companies in this country the repair of the tunnel milling machine on site.

Functionality of tunnel driving with a stone crusher machine

The drive for tunnel driving is provided by the Digging Machine. A Tunneling Machine from the manufacturer for pipe jacking companies in Germany is available as a partial cut Tunneling Machine and as a full cut Tunnel Boring Machine. With a Line Boring Machine partial cut only small partial sections can be processed. With a partial cut tunnel boring machine, the release and cutting tools are attached to a swivelling trigger of the Boring Machine.

Accessories and spare parts from the manufacturer of tunnel boring machines

As a drill manufacturer in Germany, Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH is one of the world's leading Tunnel Boring Machine Manufacturers. This renowned manufacturer of pipe jacking companies in Germany has many years of expertise in the manufacture of tunnel boring machines and cutting tools for the special foundation engineering, civil engineering, well construction and tunnel construction sectors. Of course the German tunnelling machine manufacturer Mika GmbH offers necessary accessories and spare parts for tunnel boring machines, especially drill heads. The experienced employees of the manufacturer advise tunnel construction companies competently on the planning and selection of a project-specific tunnel boring machine, cutting tools and other accessories. Further information on products quality "Made in Germany", accessories, spare parts, repair, maintenance, service and contact information are available on the website https://mika-bt.com/index.php/en/