Boring drill heads and cutting tools for tunnel boring machines (TBM)


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Mika Bohrtechnik GmbH

Your specialist for rock cutting technology offers mining tools such as boring heads, cutting rollers and ring teeth for tunnel boring machines for tunnelling, micro-tunnelling, well construction, special civil engineering, horizontal boring technology and many more.

Contact us if you need a new boring head, cutting roller or other cutting tools for your tunnel boring machine (TBM). No matter whether you are currently using your machine in hard or loose rock and rock, you can be sure that you can purchase accessories and spare parts for your tunnel boring machine from us. We stock products such as boring heads and cutting rollers from leading tunnel boring machine manufacturers and tunnel boring machine manufacturers for tunnelling in Germany. If various components of your tunnel boring machine (TBM), such as the excavation shield and its roll bits or clamping devices, the support measures and the cutter systems, the boring head, the excavation tools and the cutting roller are faulty or worn out due to use, we will be pleased to help you.

We also offer you our service for the tunnel boring machine, which in itself is a factory-like construction. A tunnel boring machine brings along on the several meters of this construction all that it needs in terms of equipment and infrastructure and should therefore always be well maintained. This should be especially the case if the tunnel boring machine is used in traffic tunnels or supply tunnels. The replacement of a drill head, mining tools, cutting tools or a cutting roller is therefore indispensable here.

If you are more interested in microtunnelling, we are familiar with the process of microtunnelling in order to provide you with good advice and the necessary parts like boring heads. These are very similar in their boring process to the tunnel boring machine (TBM) and as well as tunnel construction machines and do not represent a challenge for us.

We are also responsible for the deep boring machine, which can drill particularly deep into metal and easily resembles a lathe. We are networked with tunnel construction companies in Germany and can help you with your deep drilling machine and any problems or necessary parts.

As Horizontal Directional Drilling experts, we can also help you with machines for the horizontal flush drilling process. So if you ever want to use a boring machine to lay a pipe underground in a tunnel without digging a trench, we are the right contact in all cases.

We also offer services and parts (such as a new boring head) for other boring machines such as a well boring machine, which is used in well construction and does not use horizontal boring technology such as the deep boring machine, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) or tunnel construction machines.

In addition, we offer you a service around the boring head, tunnelling machines and tunnel boring machines (TBM), which takes care of your machines within Germany. For example, we are always working on the development of new and existing machines that can be used, for example, in tunnel construction or special civil engineering. The design, production and manufacture of machines such as mining tools and cutting tools also fall within our special field. If you have a machine that still has to be assembled, we also offer a service that deals with the assembly of most machines. This also includes the repair of various devices.

If you need accessories or spare parts of different manufacturers like a drilling head, a cutting roller and similar for your tunnel boring machine (TBM), your tunnel construction machines or deep drilling machine we are also available to you in addition to the other service offers.

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Tunnel drill heads for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Cutting rollers for tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Microtunnelling drilling heads and cutting rollers

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